Paulina Penguin–Playfully Positive.

Artist Michael McFarland is Living the Dream!

“I believe in stressing the positive and Paulina is just the personality for the job!” says artist Michael McFarland, creator of Paulina Penguin and Friends™. Well known for his historical oil-on-canvas imagery, renowned artist Michael releases his joy of living through Paulina Penguin and her friends. With his professionally-trained skills in numerous media, including literature, sculpture, watercolor, oil-on-canvas, graphic design, typography, calligraphy, digital imagery and more, Michael is just the man to bring life to a little penguin named Paulina who is quickly warming the hearts of all! Now…take it away, Paulina!



My name is Paulina Penguin. At Dreamaway Bay® where I live now, everyone is special, no matter who they are!

I’m So Colory You Came!

When I am colory I am happy as I am whenever I see color. There was little color where I was born–in Antarctica. At Dreamaway Bay, there is color everywhere! That makes me happy! Making new friends; exploring new places–and being warm–make me happy! Cold places; no variety; eating fish–nopey to that! I learned that in helping others to reach their dreams, I reach mine! Everyone has worth–no exceptions!

There are so many fun things to do–and fun things to have from Dreamaway Store, including books, toys, clothing and much more–starting THIS MONTH! Keep in touch to see the latest and I’m glad you said hi to me today!


My Dreamaway Store® Has More Kindness Than Ever!

I believe that each of us have abilities far beyond our imagination. One way to bring out-the-best in us is by having the best words around us. After all, who builds something up by tearing it down! How about thoughts such as, “I seek the gift to see the gift in others,” or, “The worth of my life is the work of my life for others.”

Find Many Kind Words In My Dreamaway Store!

Do you like kindness–I do! I found that the best way to achieve my dreams is to help others reach their dreams. It is amazing how big life gets when we help others! By helping others, we are actually helping ourselves!

Nothing Reaches Someone More Than Kindness.

Why not be kind? What do we have to lose? Absolutely nothing! Many people have challenges today. I am about helping others. I have many items that can reach the heart of a person in need. You will see them above in my Dreamaway Store. Won’t you please visit my store? Someone will be grateful you did–for certain! Make Y Paulina w Penguins Greatest Risksomeone’s day colory and happy–with my Work of Kindness® products located right here!

Everyone Knows Someone Who Could Use A Kind Word. Try a Work of Kindness®. Every original Work of Kindness® available here has been carefully considered in near all aspects of your relationship needs. Great care has gone into their creation for you.

Paulina on Beach with Clam




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Pei Kei Panda ‘Surf’s Up’ Pull Pal.

pei-kei-panda-main-portraitPei Kei Panda®He is my Big Fur Friend! Like me, Pei Kei was not happy with his lifestyle. He was bored sitting around each day and eating leaves like pandas do. He does not even like leaves! He likes variety–just like I do! He enjoys different foods, sports, friends and color. Pei Kei especially likes to surf. We surf together–though he uses a board and I just glide on my tummy!

kaylee-in-box-detailKaylee Koala®— She is my Little Fur Friend! Kaylee was captured and placed in a crate and ship. The ship sank and the crate floated to my home. My Aunt Polly and I helped her back home by climbing onboard an iceberg. Kaylee is always curious about everything! She’s the silliest around! Kaylee likes snacks like fruit and nuts. She still naps and makes me laugh.


gabby-gullGabby Gull®–I found Gabby on the iceberg used to float Kaylee back to her warm place. Gabby was tangled in fishing net. I helped free her and she in turn brought back many of her gull friends. Each grabbed the net in its beak and as Aunt Polly, Kaylee and I sat on the net Gabby Gull and her gull friends flew us to the most beautiful tropical beach. I named the beach Dreamaway Bay because I always dreamed of such a warm place and it was very far from where I was born. We live now and forever at Dreamaway Bay. I found through Gabby that by helping others achieve their dreams I achieve mine as well!

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Paulina Penguin Pull Pal.

aunt-polly-on-beachAunt Polly Penguin®–My Parents were taken by an Orca whale. Aunt Polly looks after me. She helped me get beyond Antarctica. Aunt Polly is a foodie who loves all different kinds of flavors–and fish! (I still don’t like fish–ewwey!) She’s very funny. Her favorite place is under an umbrella at the beach at Dreamaway Bay. Sipping something cool while relaxing is living life as it should be lived to Aunt Polly. She can’t get enough of the sun–but always wears a sun hat!


Gary Gator®–Gary Gator giggles. He’s my silly friend. He like to play games like ‘Catch the Coconut’ and ‘Climb the Palm Tree.’ Surprisingly, though Gary is plump, he is one of the fastest around and near always wins a race. He and Pei Kei Panda like to hang out together and walk the trails . I love how Gary is always very concerned with others. Gary likes to eat dessert Aunt Polly makes and lounges on the beach at Dreamaway Bay. Gary is a friend to everyone and always joins in whenever anything is going on and, as always, you can expect Gary to be silly!

Dreamaway BayBetty Butterfly, Sammy Snail, Theodore Turtle, Molly and Mongo Monkey, Pia Parrot, Daphne Dolphin, Larry Lobster, Cory Clam and Olga Octopus are some of my friends at Dreamaway Bay too!


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 happywear-logoHappyWear® represent fine quality blended with fun! Paulina believes happy days start with happy clothes and we have the happiest! Below are a few samples of our fine clothing products.



Pull Pals® represent wholesome fun with solid construction. Each Pull Pal is meticulously created by hand and constructed partially with wood to add to it’s warmth and charm. Paulina Pull Pal waddles and always gets back up if she falls, while Pei Kei Panda Pull Pal swerves back and forth, as if he were surfing on the floor itself! Solid, sturdy construction. Great fun for every toddler!

pp-logo-dreamaway-sculpturesDreamaway Bay Sculptures® embody the finest in creativity, craftsmanship and style. Hand-crafted original works by renowned artist Michael McFarland are truly a fine gift for that special person and occasion.

magnetic-words-of-kindness-logo-colorMagnetic Words of Kindness® express a wide arrange of thoughts, from enlightenment through light-hearted concepts that tickle the funny bone and resonate with truth on a magnetic backing. You’ll find that ‘just-right-expression’ for that just-right-person who could use a little uplift in their challenging day. Both words and artwork on each well-crafted piece are original works by award-winning artist Michael McFarland. Reach out to that special someone today with a magnetic Words of Kindness!


Imagination Publication® represents our line of fine children’s literature and activity books that are sure to delight both youngsters and parents alike. Every imagination publication work is centered around Paulina Penguin’s belief that by helping others achieve their dreams we in turn are helping to achieve our dreams. It pays to be kind, and Paulina and her friends express this important concept in every book.

the-fine-art-logo-deep-w-brushThe Fine Art of Paulina® These wonderful works were created to bring soothing comfort in the rooms where youngsters learn and grow. From bedrooms to bathrooms, playrooms and more, The Fine Art of Paulina® compliments the surroundings with style and grace. All original words and illustrations from renowned artist Michael McFarland are framed in a white, coated, wooden frame with glass and matt board edged in pink or blue. Each month brings more fine art to the store.


Billy Bugsley’s Read-Along® Books literature represents cheerful, creative short stories that instill a sense of purpose and worth in youngsters, all bound-up in a book of fun! Boys and girls alike will delight in the various themes as they learn to read!

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“Be a black hole when it coming to absorbing life.”

Michael McFarland